The Company

At EMERGE store we believe that sustainable independent fashion brands from Ukraine need to have a dedicated global platform to be easily accessible for the buyers across the world. 

Apart from the fact that these brands are continuing to create unique designs in the conditions of war (and they deserve recognition for that alone), we genuinely believe that the fashion landscape is lacking an alternative for the marketplaces representing the global corporate brands

The idea behind EMERGE store is to make it easier for thousands of people out there who want to shop responsibly and choose sustainable brands to have access to the selection of multiple brands and pieces which fit this purpose and are accessible within one platform. 

We believe in a slow fashion approach that’s why we curate designs which are meant to last and the platforms’ aesthetics is centered around minimalism and clean silhouettes finished off with edgy touches. We love the natural materials and their combinations with synthetic fibers only where necessary.

Due to the war related logistics’ issues, many of the designers in Ukraine are unable to arrange for quick delivery to the customer at the moment. EMERGE store with the warehouse in the heart of Europe is facilitating quick and easy delivery and returns process to make the shopping experience not only sustainable but also convenient for the customer.